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Clippercide Spray - For Hair Clippers

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In a barbershop or salon, hygiene should play a major role. Barbers and hairdressers work with different equipment on a daily basis, which they have to disinfect regularly due to legal requirements. This ensures the required hygiene and minimizes the risk of pathogen transmission.

Work equipment includes not only combs and scissors, but also clippers, trimmers and shavers. The Clippercide Aerosol-Spray guarantees effective 5-fold protection for all machines: The solution disinfects, lubricates, cleans, has a cooling effect and offers the shaving heads effective protection against rust - and only one single operation is required!
  1. The Barbicide Clippercide Spray complies with the European disinfection regulations EN 14561, EN 14562 and is therefore absolutely germ, fungus and virus repellent. Due to its wide spectrum of action, the spray even eliminates the pathogens of HIV (AIDS) and H1N1.
  2. The spray creates a thin lubricating film on the blades, which reduces wear and ensures long-lasting sharpness.
  3. Hair, dust and other dirt particles that have accumulated between the shearing blades are removed by the rinsing pressure of the spray. At the same time the surface is cleaned.
  4. The correct operation of the machines is ensured by the additional cooling function of the solution.
  5. Its anti-rust formula prevents corrosion and significantly extends the life of the shaving heads.
It's a must for anyone working with hair clippers!
Use biocide products carefully. Always read label and product information before use.
The application is very simple: Spray the shaving head with the spray during operation and then switch off the hair clipper. As soon as the shaving head is dry again, the machine is ready again!