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King Talc - Talcum Powder

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This light and fresh scented natural talcum powder "King Talc" soothes and protects the sensitive skin after shaving. In this way, the powder prevents unwanted irritation and leaves the skin smooth and supple.
Talcum powder is often applied in the barbershop as a finishing touch to any haircut or shave on the neck or face. Especially now, when various skin-fade hairstyles are in fashion (sides short, transition beginning from the bottom (shaved) and upwards longer and longer), the barber uses it to soothe skin irritated by razor blades or electric shavers. The powder is either carefully applied to the shaved area with the sieve opening or applied to the palm of the hand and then gently distributed by hand.
Further advantages of the powder: It binds cut hair and helps to remove it quickly and easily from the skin. It also absorbs excess moisture and leaves your skin silky and dry with a smooth finish.

Talc, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate, Fragrance, D&C Red No 27, Aluminum Lake, Iron Oxide.