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1o1BARBERS Razor - Limited Edition

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The 1o1BARBERS razor is a foldable straight razor with disposable blades that is used with classic Single Edge or half Double Edge razor blades. It is made of synthetic material and equipped with an original system for changing the blades. This straight razor is easy to open and allows you to shave quickly and easily.

When the razor blade is inserted, it has an exposure of around 1.0 mm and is therefore ideal for detailed and precise work (for beard shape ups etc.).
The best shaving tool for daily wet shaving: Classic and stylish. In addition, these razors with disposable blades are very cost-efficient, as a pack of 100 with half blades is very inexpensive and can often last several months. If you only use the razor for contouring, the razor blades will last even longer.
Note: Please note that the razor comes without razor blades. You can find the matching Single Edge razor blades in the Razor Blades section.
How do I change the blade on this razor?
  • Open the razor.
  • Push the red blade holder forward and out of the razor.
  • Now you can fix your single edge blade with the two small blade holders.
  • Now you can carefully push the holder back to its place.
  • And the razor is ready for use!
  • If the blade gets blunt, you can simply replace it within a few seconds.