Schnittverletzungen bei der Rasur – was tun?

Cut during shaving - what to do?

You cut yourself shaving and wondering if you need to go to the nearest ER right away? I can calm you down: Usually the cuts are so superficial that you can stop the bleeding yourself. But how do you do that best?

First of all it can be said that you are not alone with the problem. Because it's not only young people who dare to shave wet for the first time, but also men with many years of experience. Although these small cuts usually hurt very little, they are still visible and unpleasant. What can you do about it if it happens to you? Perhaps you know the possibility of pressing a piece of toilet paper onto the wound. But that does not have to be the case, because there are much better alternatives:

The Alum Block

If the alum block doesn't tell you anything yet, you should definitely try it, because it works wonders! Alum, better known in technical jargon as aluminium potassium sulphate, has been around for a long time and has a firming effect on proteins, thus quickly stopping bleeding. If you are thinking about trying alum, I can recommend either the classic alum stone or the alum pencil. Because of its practical size, the styptic pencil fits in your trouser pocket or toiletry bag and can therefore accompany you on any journey.

Proraso Post Shave Stone - Alum Block

7,50 €  (7,50 € / 100 ml)

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

STERN Alum pencil

5,00 € 

incl. VAT plus shipping costs


After-Shave Lotion

I would only recommend using an after-shave lotion after you have cut yourself if your skin is not sensitive to alcohol. When choosing aftershave, make sure it contains allantoin. This promotes cell regeneration, soothes the skin and accelerates wound healing. Alcohol reduces bleeding and has a disinfecting effect.

FLOID Genuine After Shave Vigorous 

18,00 €  (120,00 € / l)

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

SNIP A MAN After-Shave Gentleman

49,00 €  (49,00 € / 100 ml)

incl. VAT plus shipping costs 

Further possibilities
You cut yourself and don't have an alum block or aftershave to hand? Then you can try it with cold water. Cold water causes the blood vessels to contract. You can also try it with an ice cube and place it briefly on the cut. If you happen to have a lemon at home, you can also use some lemon juice to stop the bleeding. Because the acidity of the lemon also has an astringent effect.
Of course, I hope that you don't cut yourself when shaving and that you don't even use the products listed above. However, this is rather unlikely and therefore you should always have an alum stone handy in your bathroom.

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