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The Man Himself - the Onlineshop for high-quality men's grooming products
Nowadays a well-groomed appearance has become a matter of course for many men and that is why men's grooming products are increasingly conquering the market. It is understandable that you can quickly lose track of which products are the best fit for you.
Our guide will help you to find the right products for you. Because men's skin needs special care, our online shop gives you the opportunity to put together all the products you need for your daily grooming routine with just one click.

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We attach great importance to the quality of our products and so you will find a selection of high-quality men's grooming products in our online shop. We are always looking for new brands for you. It's important to us that we do not only have the big companies in our assortment, but also support small and aspiring manufacturers.
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The company and its beginnings

My name is Pasquale, I am 28 years old and live near Stuttgart, Germany.

It all started in summer 2016 when my brother-in-law had the idea to grow our beards until Christmas. Said and done! Now I had to deal had to deal with the subject of beard care for the first time. The closer Christmas came and the longer my beard became, the more I had to justify my beard to my Italian family.
Nevertheless or maybe just because of that, the subject of beard care didn't let go of me and so I founded the German beard account @3.tagebart on Instagram, where I present the work of different barbers and inform about the subject of men's care.
At the beginning it was just a spontaneous idea of my brother-in-law, but in the end it developed into a heart-felt project that showed me through the fast growing community how many people are interested in the topic of men's care. That's why I decided to open an online shop for high quality men's care products and so the idea for The Man Himself was born.