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The Wet Shave - You should follow these steps!

The wet shave is a nice ritual for which you should take your time. Whether you shave completely or just bring your contours into shape, the shave itself always follows the same pattern. You can follow the steps below because everything is difficult to start with:

1. Pre-Shave

The right preparation for a wet shave is key. Before you start shaving, you should first cleanse your face to remove any skin care residue and dead skin flakes. Make sure you use a washing lotion that suits your skin type. Use warm water to moisturize your face as it will open your pores and soften your beard hair. You can increase this effect by applying a few drops of shaving oil to your skin or by putting a moist and warm towel on your face.
Your skin will relax, the beard hairs will be further out of the pores due to the warmth and now you are optimally prepared for shaving.

Nõberu of Sweden Pre-Shave Oil - Sandalwood

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1o1BARBERS Handtuch / Rasiertuch

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2. The Shave

The next step is to lather your face with shaving cream. You can use shaving soap, cream, gel or shaving foam from the can. If you decide to whip your shaving foam yourself, I recommend a shaving cream for the beginning, because it can also be used as a wet shaving beginner to easily produce a rich lather.

Proraso Rasierschaum - Green Refresh

Proraso Shaving Foam - Green Refresh

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The lather ensures that your beard hair will continue to soften and stand up. It also allows the blade to glide more easily over your skin when shaving, protecting you from cuts. For the perfect lather, pour some shaving cream into a small pre-warmed bowl, add some warm water and with a dry shaving brush, make circular movements to beat the cream into lather. After application, allow the lather to take effect for about three minutes so that it can develop its full potential.

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1o1BARBERS Nassrasur Starter-Set

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If you let the foam work in a little, you can finally shave! No matter which razor you use, you should make sure that you let the blade glide over your skin at an angle of about 30 degrees. For beginners, a system razor like Gillette is easier, as it almost sets the angle by itself.

With a straight razor or a safety razor, the responsibility is more yours. Don't press too hard when shaving and make sure your blade is always sharp. Rinse the blade regularly under running water. First shave with the grain and if you want it to be particularly smooth, then against the grain. However, this increases the risk of skin irritation. You should also be careful not to shave too often over the same spot. If, despite all precautions, a cut does occur, an alum stone can help (Cut during shaving - what to do?).

Proraso Post Shave Stone

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STERN Alum Pencil

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3. After-Shave

Just as important as the preparation was at the beginning, you should now pay attention to the follow-up. To prevent skin irritation, use an after shave to soothe and disinfect your skin. Even if you cleaned your skin before shaving, there are bacteria on your skin that can cause inflammation.

FLOID Genuine After-Shave Vigorous

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If you're not a fan of a classic after-shave, you can also use lotions, gels or balms.

PREP Original Formula After-Shave Balm

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Dr K Soap Company - After-Shave Balm

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Den perfekten Abschluss bildet eine feuchtigkeitsspendende Gesichtscreme, die ebenfalls auf deinen Hauttyp abgestimmt sein sollte. Vergesse zum Schluss nicht deine Utensilien zu reinigen, damit deiner nächsten Rasur nichts im Wege steht!

PREP Original Formula Cream - Hautschutzcreme im Tiegel

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