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How to get rid of Beard Dandruff

Besides an itchy beard, dandruff can thoroughly spoil the pleasure of your beard. However, with a little patience and the right grooming products, usually you can get this annoying problem under control. Often times your body shows you with the formation of dandruff that something in your body has become imbalanced or that you have treated your beard or the skin underneath it not the way you should have.
Heat, cold, psychological stress, hormonal changes or an improper diet can also be the reason for increased dandruff formation. Basically the skin renews itself again and again after a certain time. However, these scales are usually not visible to the bare eye.

If there is an increase in dandruff in your beard, you should first of all pay attention to whether the dandruff is rather dry or rather greasy. While dry dandruff trickles out of your beard, greasy dandruff sticks to your beard. Once you know what type of skin or dandruff you have, you should look for suitable care products. For dry skin, for example, a mild and moisturizing shampoo is usually helpful. You can also try out the following:

1. Even if a beard shampoo or beard soap is very useful, you should not overdo it. Wash your beard only 2-3 times a week with it.

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2. Give up styling products like pomade or spunk for a while and give your beard some rest.

3. Use a beard oil regularly.

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4. Pay attention to your diet and do not forget to drink enough water.

5. If you are very stressed lately, make sure to find a balance for yourself.

If the dandruff does not recede despite the advice, it is possible that you have either chosen the wrong skin care products or there are other reasons which a dermatologist should examine more closely.

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