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Denman D41 Large Volumizing Brush with 9 rows

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Denman's Large Volumizing Brush D41 is a freeflow hairbrush for daily styling and styling of long or voluminous hair. It is ideal for untangling curly hair or defining your curls.

The heat-resistant nylon bristles of the 9-row brush are gently rounded and embedded in an antistatic rubber pad. The slightly offset arrangement provides improved grip and styleability - for good control when styling accurately. With this Denman Freeflow brush, the bristles are a little further apart for thicker hair.
The rubber pad can be removed from the brush for easy cleaning. In addition, the smooth, ergonomic handle ensures maximum comfort when styling and blow-drying.
  • Brush length: 210 mm
  • Brush width: 40 mm
The following variants are available:
  • Denman D41 in black with red pad
  • Denman D41BN in black with white pad