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Reuzel Beard Balm Wood & Spice

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Maintaining a beard properly is harder than it looks. The beard balm with the fragrance Wood & Spice of the Dutch manufacturer Reuzel helps you with the right beard care. Thanks to valuable ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter and beeswax, it provides the beard hair and the underlying skin with valuable moisture and provides it with lasting care. This counteracts dry skin and reduces the annoying itching.
At the same time, the beard becomes supple, soft and easy to comb, so that it can be brought into shape easily. The balm gives a light to medium firm hold, leaves a light shine and smells woody and spicy like cedar wood, lemon and clove.
The beard balm comes in a flat aluminium tin that is adorned with the scariest and most notorious bearded pirate of all time - Blackbeard.
The application is very simple: Put a small amount of the beard care into your hands, rub it in and then massage it into your beard and facial skin. Optionally spread the product with a beard brush or beard comb and shape the beard.


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