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Royall Bay Ruhm All Purpose Lotion

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Royall Bay Rhum is a classic fragrance that gives every man an incredibly fresh feeling. As the name suggests, the All Purpose Lotion can be used for several purposes: Either as a nourishing after-shave lotion for the perfect finish to a wet shave, as an elegant cologne or as a bath additive. Some gentlemen may also use it as a cool tingling treatment after regular hair washing.
Only the finest West Indian bay leaves are used to produce Bay Rhum. Menthol is added as a further fresh ingredient to ensure the ultimate freshness experience. A light note of clove and nutmeg rounds off this fragrance.
The traditional fragrance is presented in an elegant slightly brownish bottle wrapped in fine parchment-like paper and sealed with a dark blue wax seal - the same wax used by the Bank of England.


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